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Thrilled to announce our NEW Community Outreach Program!

2019 Youth Mentorship Program

Wake Harvest-2019 Youth Mentorship Program

Our 2019 Wake Harvest Youth Mentorship Program is a FREE program designed to inspire and positively influence the lives of the children who will be the future leaders of our community. One Saturday each month in 2019, our group will visit unique local businesses to learn what they do for a living in their industry. You won't want to miss it. Join us! 

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At JRV Consulting we coordinate, plan and host events with a purpose.  From awareness events to fundraisers and everything in between, our purpose is to give back to our community in every way possible!


Why we do what we do?

By hosting fun family events, we encourage healthy and fun social interaction. Educating our community on topics unspoken allows us a platform to tell them they are not alone and together we can get through anything.  Suicide prevention, fighting hunger, fire safety and mental health awareness are just a few of the topics we take pride in educating our community on. 

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